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Help us help you

There are a number of ways you can help to ensure that any emergency care you and your family receive from us and other healthcare providers is as efficient and effective as possible.

Please consider the following self care options.


If you need emergency healthcare a knowledge of your medicines will help inform ambulance and hospital staff when deciding the best course of treatment for you. Be prepared therefore that where possible ambulance staff will take your medicines to hospital with you in a green medicines bag.

If you rely on a number of medicines you may want to consider the Lions Message in a Bottle scheme to help us identify them. This will tell us what we need to know in case you are not well enough to.

Be seen

Many people are taken ill or have accidents at home. Help us find your house quickly by making it visible.

  • Is your number up - display your house number and ensure it doesn't become hidden by plants
  • Light our way - exterior lighting on your house can help us find you and make it easier to move stretchers and other medical equipment along your paths

Choose well

If your injury or illness is not life-threatening then calling us is not the best healthcare option for you, and can prevent others with life-threatening conditions from receiving an immediate response. To help you choose the most appropriate healthcare provider Choose Well.

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