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Car (RRV)

RRV - stands for Rapid Response Vehicle.

The purpose of which is to allow a trained member of staff (Technician, Paramedic, ECP, Nurse or Doctor) to respond to calls or support crews with additional expertise or equipment. These vehicles are usually manned by a solo (single) responder.

Un-marked RRVs are usually those of Operational Officers who may be required to respond to incidents in support of other crews.

4 by 4 smallThe most common RRV in use currently across all divisions of South Central Ambulance Service is the Volvo V70 estate car, although others can sometimes be seen including - Peugeot, Mondeo and Passat versions.

Where geographical restrictions and necessities dictate, Off Road response vehicles are available to be deployed. These include Honda CRV, Nissan Patrol and Landrover models.

All response vehicles are equipped to the same high standards and with the same base level of equipment that you would find on any SCAS ambulance.

  This includes;

Ambulance EquipmentAmbulance carry EquipmentAmbulance specialist equipmentAmbulance immobilization equipment

  • The Basic response kit including; 
    • Oxygen  
    • Entonox    
    • Defibrillator (this may be an AED or Life Pack 12)
  • Burns kit
  • Obstetric/delivery kit
  • Additional Manual Handling equipment including;        
    • Mangar lift
    • Cushion
    • Handling belts     
  • Additional specialist equipment (would include major incident triage packs)
  • Immobilization equipment including;
    • Vacuum mattress
    • Spinal boards
    • Rescue stretchers
    • Traction splints 
    • Extrication devices (depending on the vehicle and its role)
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