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  • Commercial Logistics Service

Commercial Logistics Service

The SCAS Commercial Logistics Service covers three counties and the following departments:

  •  Commercial Logistics Service - Berkshire East and West
  •  Commercial Logistics Service - Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire

 In 2012-2013 the Commercial Logistics Service delivered the following in: 


Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire

6,836 members of staff (East Berkshire only) 

41622 members of staff

1,332780 Items (goods and mail) 

11,770,893 Items (goods and mail) 

183,407 Pathology Specimens 

152,841 pathology specimens 


We deliver and collect on a day to day basis to acute hospitals, community hospitals, mental health sites, GP surgeries, county councils, PCT offices, dentists, opticians, pharmacies, and to South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust sites across three counties and other clinics.

 We provide the following collection and delivery of the following services:

  • pathology specimens
  • internal mail
  • pharmacy items
  • Patient medical records
  • Laundry
  • bulk items between sites
  • IT items
  • transfer of staff across hospital sites
  • Ad hoc requirements.

 Logistics Services use mobile phones as a communication tool and tracking systems within Berkshire.

The process for the tracking of key elements of the operation is a vital aspect of the day to day operations of the Logistics Services. The process in place ensures that contract requirements are:

  • Flexible to the requirements of the business
  • Easy to use and administrate
  • Resilient in the event of system errors
  • Cost effective to the point of fulfilling all requirements.

This tracking system currently tracks, traces and identifies specimens, drugs and, in the future, medical records.

 SCAS is pivotal in driving economic growth, improving business standards and securing high quality contracts for the future. This in turn benefits the environment by the creating new ways to conserve, protect and efficiently use the recycling stream.

For more information about Commercial Logistics Service, please email


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