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Declaration of Single Sex Accommodation (DSSA)

We wish to inform you that we do not have any mixed-sex accommodation within the ambulance service. However, reviewing the declaration checklist provided by the Department of Health, SCAS has decided to review its privacy and dignity guidance to ensure that all our patients are treated with the upmost of dignity and respect.

Please click here to view the Star Care: check your standards poster.

We are not required to produce an action plan in line with the Department of Health’s guidance as we do not provide same sex accommodation. However, we would be delighted to share our Clinical and Quality Strategy with you which clearly demonstrates our emphasis on delivering a patient focussed service within the ambulance trust.

To assure ourselves and our patients and stakeholders that we are providing a service that complies with current legislation and guidance, we have carried out three patient experience surveys to support this declaration. These are listed below.

Survey number one

Report and findings following a Complaints, Patient Advocacy Liaison Service (PALS), Patient Experience review of processes and trends.

This survey carried out a forward facing patient experience review, by drawing on users of the complaints and PALs service. This provided the Trust with valuable patient views on our service provision, our internal processes and the patient experience. These are now informing our Quality Accounts and Quality Report, which is integral to the delivery of our clinical and quality strategy.

Please click here to view the Complaints PALS audit questionnaire 2010.

Survey number two

Demand on emergency services

As part of the work informing the Trust’s Clinical Strategy, face to face patient interviews were carried out across South Central in all emergency departments. The key objectives of this market research was to understand:

  • why patients choose to ring ‘999 services’
  • to elicit patient experience in relation to interfacing with front line staff
  • understand demand

Survey number three

Patient Safety Culture Survey

  • The Trust has carried an electronic staff survey relating to quality and patient safety
  • Within the survey a review of the "STARCARE" guidelines which focuses on dignity and respect for all whom we come into contact with as a service provider.

Survey number four

Patients who have received care from our Emergency Care Practitioners

This survey was undertaken to help inform the trust about the care and treatment that was provided by our Emergency Care Practitioners and to elicit the experience in relation to the interface with this group of staff.



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