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Clinical Strategy


South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust's Clinical Strategy for High Quality Care presents our exciting vision for the services we provide and, importantly, work is already taking place to turn this vision into reality. We are driven by one overarching ambition, which is to deliver the best possible service to our patients.

Our aims are to:

  • provide the best care in all our services
  • provide care based on the patient's individual needs
  • make it easier, as well as quicker, to access emergency and urgent care
  • to get the right balance between highly specialist care where it is needed and more local care where appropriate
  • play our role in encouraging healthier communities and individuals.

The focus on quality and clinical care gives us the opportunity and the challenge to articulate what we do. This will become even more important in the current financial context and the increasing emphasis on transparency in quality and outcomes[1]. This means questioning how we do things, thinking in more innovative ways to support clinical outcomes, while focusing on promoting and maintaining health and well-being, as well as on prevention.

The Clinical Strategy helps us and our teams to understand the agenda we face going forward.  Quality is always going to be a key priority for our services, to deliver quality will mean us working differently - focusing on patients and their health needs, working across pathways and working with other clinical colleagues. Our staff are close to our patients, so can see how they can change things to make them better for them. We look forward to working with you to provide the safe and high quality care for our communities.

This strategy has been developed by working closely with internal colleagues and has been consulted on with key stakeholders. Their comments have been considered, and where appropriate, incorporated into the document.  A common theme from discussions is that partner agencies have commented on us being involved in taking forward both short term Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention projects as well as having an active part in the longer term transformational change programmes.  Such work includes active participation and contribution to urgent care boards and clinician to clinician dialogue. We recognise that we have a role to play in influencing the strategy of partner organisation.

Over the forthcoming months we will develop local action plans based on sector/local health economies to implement the clinical strategy and to ensure that it dovetails into changes taking place within commissioning and provider organisations.


[1]  Liberating the NHS: Transparency in outcomes - a framework for the NHS (Department of Health)

To view the full Clinical Strategy document Click Here

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