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How to Call an Ambulance?

It is very important that everyone knows how to call an ambulance. This may one day save yours or a loved one's life.

Dial 999 from any Telephone

You can call them from any telephone.

It is very important that you only call an ambulance in an emergency.

If you call them as a joke, they might not get to someone else quickly, which could mean they will die.

Ring 999

When you ring 999, an operator will answer and will ask you if you need the police, the fire or ambulance service.

Police, Fire or Ambulance
Remember your Name and Address

You must tell them clearly which one you need.

You will be asked some questions, such as your name, address and post code.

Ask your Mum or Dad to teach you your address and telephone number and to show you how to call 999.

Try to keep calm and speak clearly.

Next you will be asked questions about where you are and what has happened.

Keep calm and speak Clearly
Explain where you are

One of the questions you will be asked is: "Where are you?"

Look around and see if there is a street name, or a building with a name on it.

You will be asked: "What is the problem? Tell me exactly what has happened."

Tell the person on the telephone about who is sick or hurt and what happened to them.

Explain what the problem is
Are they conscious and breathing?

You will be asked: "Are they conscious?" This means - is the person awake?

You will be asked: "Are they breathing?"

If the person is not awake, you can tell if they are breathing by putting your hand on their chest near their heart and see if it goes up and down.

While you are talking to the person on the end of the phone, an ambulance is on its way to you.

Just stay where you are with the sick or injured person until the ambulance arrives.

The Ambulance is on its way

Well done!

By following these simple guidelines, you have made it possible for the ambulance crew to get to the sick or injured person, very quickly.

However, you may still be unsure of when to call or an ambulance.

Now is the time to test your skills; click here to take the test.

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