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What is a Foundation Trust


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South Central Ambulance Service became a Foundation Trust on 1st March 2012.

Foundation Trusts are still part of the NHS, but unlike ordinary NHS trusts, they have thousands of members and a Council of Governors who form an integral part of the governance structure that exists in all NHS FTs.

NHS Foundation Trusts (FTs):

  • are free from direct central government control and are able to decide how to improve their services
  • retain any surpluses they generate to invest in new services, and can borrow money to support these investments
  • are accountable to their local communities; local people can become members and governors.

These freedoms mean that together we can shape our ambulance service around local needs and priorities.

An independent regulator, Monitor , oversees all foundation trusts and checks that they remain compliant with the terms under which they are authorised to operate.

Benefits at a glance

  • Real opportunities to be involved in developing health services, which meet the needs of local people
  • Opportunities to be involved in decision making in areas of particular interest to them
  • Greater access to more in-depth information about the workings of the Trust and its future plans
  • More control for the Trust over the pace of change in terms of local target setting and meeting contracts
  • More stability resulting in less workplace stress
  • We provide health services and employment opportunities to a local population which has significant health and social needs.  We feel that, as an NHS Foundation Trust, we can play a much greater role in supporting the ongoing development and success of our local communities
  • We expect that our members and Council of Governors will challenge us to improve health and healthcare for local people

Find out more about membership in the About Membership and Become a member sections.

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