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Secondary schools and colleges


news Young people's involvement

We are keen to visit schools and college across its area to promote the benefits of becoming a foundation trust (FT) member and to educate young people on health issues.

If your school would like a visit from the Membership Office either as part of your health and social care module or PHSE, then simply ask your teacher to contact the Membership Office on 01869 365126 and arrange a visit. We can also provide full details on the benefits of becoming a young FT member and how to join.

Alternatively, if you already know the benefits of becoming an FT member and you are over the age of 14, simply complete the membership form. Find out more about becoming a member from one of our youngest members.

'It was good that you could attend. I could see that the pupils, teachers and your two demonstrators enjoyed it. Thank you very much.  Thank you for finding me such good demonstrators.'

'It was lovely to meet you yesterday. Thank you for coming out and delivering such a great session to so many young people. I've been receiving wonderful feedback! '




news Why join us?

Foundation trust membership allows you to strengthen your CV and university application by demonstrating public involvement.

You can also find out more about:

Volunteering will enable you to:

  • help others
  • gain valuable experience
  • get an insight into the NHS organisation
  • build confidence and improve communication skills
  • meet new people and make new friends
  • support an application for University or other further education

As a member we can keep you informed about all of the above and more. Membership is totally free.

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