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Council of Governors


news What is a Governor?

Every Foundation Trust is required to have a 'Council of Governors'. The Council of Governors meets this requirement for South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust.

Our members democratically influence the development of the Trust through the Council of Governors. The majority of the Council of Governors is elected by the members to better represent the views of the membership. Governors go to regular meetings about the Trust's plans for the future to represent members' views and also help to select the Trust's non-executive directors and chairman.

Anyone who is a member of the Trust and aged at least 16 is eligible to stand as a Governor.

Our governors play an integral role in the running of our trust and represent you! Each governor has a constituency and is committed to talking to local people to make sure your voices and opinions on the Trust are heard.

The Trust's Constitution sets out the principles of how the Council of Governors is governed.


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