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Mortimer and Burghfield Community First Responder Scheme introduce their new Ford Kuga 4x4.

After 6 years of fundraising South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust's (SCAS) Mortimer and Burghfield Community First Responder Scheme has raised enough money to purchase a new Ford Kuga 4x4.

Members of the scheme took delivery of the Kuga on 30 November 2012. Within 24 hrs the vehicle proved its worth in responding to a medical emergency in Mortimer when it was able to navigate safely through areas of partial flood water without any problems en route to a patient who had suffered a seizure and was unresponsive.

The vehicle has been purchased using substantial donations received from the Stratfield Mortimer Relief in Need charity, Kuhne & Nagel and others living or working in the local community.   The Kuga 4x4 will be used by Mortimer and Burghfield Community First Responder Scheme to provide a first response to medical emergencies within the local area whilst an ambulance resource is en route to the scene.

David Hamer, SCAS' Community Responder Liaison and Training Officer for West Berkshire said:

'This vehicle is the end result of many years of fundraising. As well as being an excellent vehicle for the area it will be covering, its visibility within the community has generated interest from locals who are keen to find out more about becoming a Community First Responder for their local ambulance service.

'My thanks go to David Gregory and Richard 'Jacko' Jackson for their constant hard work in raising the funds to purchase this excellent resource for the local community.'

SCAS has around 1600 volunteer Community First Responders (CFR), all trained in basic life-saving skills to provide early and often vital intervention for patients experiencing life-threatening medical emergencies in the immediate vicinity of where they live or work whilst an ambulance is en route.

If you know anyone who may be interested in volunteering as a CFR please ask them to telephone 0800 587 0207 or email

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