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Happy Birthday HART

On the 31st of January SCAS HART celebrated its 2nd birthday.

The last year has seen the team mobilised to over 700 incidents as far afield as Poole and Bournemouth as well as throughout the SCAS area. Recently HART completed a deployment over to the Isle of Wight when requested by Isle of Wight Ambulance Service to assist with a large Fire.

pompey 2011 004The last year has seen a lot of development within SCAS HART to build on the national model response required of them. Partner agencies such as the Fire Service regularly train alongside HART staff and confidence in the capability has increased due to this.

The summer of 2012 saw some HART staff working at the Olympics and providing cover for the Torch Relay. Thankfully they were not needed and everyone definitely enjoyed the success of the Olympics.

Recently we have seen an increase in requests by operational staff to visit Eastleigh to understand the role of HART more and to practice alongside the HART staff in multi-casualty exercises such as triage, catastrophic haemorrhage and difficult access patient extraction.

There has also been an increase in the number of students visiting HART regularly to gain an insight into the different role that HART has been developed for. In the south operational staff are working closer together with HART staff and realise that the HART teams are not there to take over incidents but to assist and support core ambulance operations.

It is true that in the North HART may not be as visible but it’s a long run from Eastleigh! However, we do encourage staff to make the call if they think they need HART support and SCAS HART will deploy. It should also be remembered that our neighbouring ambulance Trusts do have HART teams if you need them and so in the event that you do require HART, another team maybe closer to the incident than ourselves.

We do have a mutual aid arrangement in place with other HART teams and therefore it maybe possible to mobilise an alternative team. We are looking forward to 2013 and January has already proven to be a busy month. HART will continue to develop as it is only 2 years old but increased knowledge of their capability (and limitations) can only mean an increase in their workload.

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