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Access keys

Allow you to navigate around the South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS) website without using your mouse.

You can also use the Access keys to jump directly to different sections of the South Central Ambulance Service website or certain areas within a web page, without having to move your mouse.

Table of Access Keys used on South Central Ambulance Service Website

Access key



Go to Access Keys documentation page


Go to Home page


skip to the main News Page


go to SCAS online Site Map page


Reserved for future use on individual site


Go to the About Us Page


Reserved for future use on individual site


Go to Terms and Conditions Page


Got to the feedback/contact us form/main page


Will skip the navigation

How to use Access Keys in your Browser


What to do

Internet Explorer (PC)

Alt + Access Key focuses on the link, but you must press Enter to activate the link.

Firefox, Mozilla (PC)

Alt + Shift + Access Key

Firefox, Mozilla (Mac)

CTRL + Shift + Access Key

Safari 3

CTRL + Access Key (Mac) ALT + Access Key (Win)

Safari 4

CTRL + Option + Access Key (Mac) Alt + Option  (Win)


Press Shift + Esc, release keys and then press Access Key

Notes & feedback

Please note that some assistive technology tools may already make use of the alt+ [access key] combinations. As such, users of these tools will not be able to use these access keys.

These access key assignments are based on research into best practice across the web (in an attempt to be consistent with other sites' access keys), and an understanding of the key global navigation requirements of users.

If you have any comments on how SCAS could make better use of access keys, please contact us.


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